Our Kids, Our Health, Our Community

Mission Statement: RTJC strives to foster healthy, active lifestyles in our community’s youth through responsible and sustainable outdoor recreation, using the great sport of cycling.


Reno-Tahoe Junior Cycling was created in 2011 by professional cyclist and KTM Bikes Factory Racer Trevor DeRuisé with the goal of promoting healthy, active lifestyles in our community’s youth through the great sport of cycling. RTJC started with just 5 young riders learning skills and techniques to safely enjoy the areas trails and has quickly evolved into a massive revolution. The program consists of a Club Program for hundreds of young riders from all over the Reno-Tahoe area, as well as a Race Development Program for those interested in the competitive side of cross country mountain bike racing.

We’ve got big plans for the future of youth cycling in our community, and we encourage you to join the movement!


Our mission is simple – to educate, teach, and inspire our Reno-Tahoe youth on the benefits of and how to live an active and outdoor lifestyle with proper nutrition. With one of the World’s largest and most beautiful natural playgrounds in our backyard (Tahoe), we strive to make future generations aware and knowledgeable on the joys and responsibilities of outdoor recreation, using the great sport of cycling.

Now with the formation of the Race Development Program, we have taken on a secondary mission as well – to provide the coaching, mentorship, and resources necessary to help Reno-Tahoe junior riders grow and compete at a national level in cross country mountain bike events.


In the future, we see Reno Tahoe Junior Cycling as the leader in youth health/fitness advocacy in the region. Further, we aim to create a model that can be utilized by other communities across the country to help us, as a nation, combat childhood obesity and other chronic diseases in America’s youth.

Further, we are striving to make our Race Development Program one of the top development teams in the United States. By doing this, we hope to showcase the area’s top young talent, as well as to help transform Reno Tahoe’s public image and help our great community become recognized for it’s endless trails, mountainous views, and outstanding outdoor recreational potential.

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